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Hand Made Glass Keepsakes

An opportunity to timelessly encase memories in molten glass, creating your very own keepsakes.

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What Is Used in the Keepsakes?

You know when you take a beach holiday and bring sand home and then it sits in a drawer and you don’t know what to do with it?  Well here is your solution:  I can encase the sand into glass beads to make keepsakes for you.

Wonderful for destination wedding gifts for the bride and groom using sand from the ceremony location.  Bridesmaid gifts for the wedding party, or party favors for the guests.  Wine toppers are my personal favorite for the wedding favors!  Such a unique and personal gift.FullSizeRender


Crushed rock from a holy place, brick dust from a family home or simply some dirt from the earth of a place that makes you feel centered and grounded.  Anything that is a substance can be encased, lets create something unique.

These beads can be made as a single Pendant, Bracelet, Pandora bead, Pandora leather bracelet, Skeleton key, Key chains and the like.  Message me with your requests.



The Temple Series Mala

After a recent trip to Bali I was inspired to create this series to share with you, The meru bead in the mala contains sand from the 17th century temple of Pura Batu Ngaus located in Bali, Indonesia. The Balinese come to this temple to seek abundance, healing, medicine and fertility blessings from the priest, leaving offerings through a blowhole in the rock that connects to the ocean via an underwater cave.  Using a century’s old technique, I have encased volcanic black sand from the temple within molten glass. Use the mala in your meditation ritual, or simply wear it around your neck and feel the grounding properties.

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These keepsakes are handmade with care and utmost respect. Custom colors, designs and sizes available on request.

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