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About SoulEssence Keepsakes

Tracy Slobodian

Glass Artist + Creator


Soulessence Keepsakes is an opportunity to timelessly encase memories in molten glass, creating your very own keepsakes.

Each glass bead is hand-made using a century’s old technique called Lampworking.  Rods of glass are melted with a torch to form glass beads, during this creation process I am able to add in sand, dirt, seashell shards, brick dust, and the like to encase inside preserving your keepsake.

Anything from Beach sand from a recent trip, destination wedding gift for the bride and groom, crushed rock from a holy place, brick dust from a family home or simply some dirt from the earth of a place that makes you feel centered and grounded.  I have also created the first of the Temple Series Mala’s using sand from a recent trip to Bali, whether you have had the opportunity to visit this place or not the energy of the mala is very grounding.